Movie trailer madness

Jack Black goes Nacho Libre
Jack Black goes Nacho Libre
That’s right, it’s madness… madness I tell you. Get ready to close your office door, get the emergency screensaver cocked (in case the boss shows up) and call your client back after a very, very important “meeting”, because the trailer gods have smiled upon us tonight. Now, some of these trailers have been around a while, some you may have salivated over, just before watching other movies, but isn’t it nice to know that just about every major and indie coming out in the next 3 months, has a trailer on this one page, just a scroll away. Everything from Kinky Boots to Cars, from An American Haunting to American Gun, you will find something to watch this week, next week and the week after that. One of my favorites is The Promise, a fantasy not unlike House of Flying Daggers, but with more of a fantasy element to it. Even the trailer for this film is a work of art. And it was directed by the same genious that directed Farewell My Concubine and Killing Me Softly, Kaige Chen. All I can say is, if you don’t get as excited about movies, as a kid on Christmas, after going through this page of trailer links, you just don’t like films anymore.

Now click… then watch… then go watch films… then go make your own film. Simple. Just like your boss (who’s no doubt coming by now) tells you, Get it done!

(Thanks to Mike over at Moviefone, for compiling the ‘thriller diller’ of trailer links for me!)

Silent Hill (Trailer and Exclusive Clip): 
Silent Hill Trailer 

Cars (Exclusive Trailer): 
Cars Trailer 

A Prairie Home Companion (Exclusive Trailer for the new Lohan movie): 
A Prairie Home Companion Trailer 

Hard Candy (Trailer, Exclusive Clip): 
Hard Candy Trailer 

Brick (Trailer, Exclusive Clip): 
Brick Trailer

The Notorious Bettie Page (Exclusive Trailer, Clip): 
The Notorious Bettie Page Trailer 

Rebecca Romijn as Raven Darkholme a.k.a. Mystique in X Men 3
Rebecca Romijn as Raven Darkholme a.k.a. Mystique in X Men 3

Other Trailers, Clips and Features:

X-Men 3 (Trailers) 
X-Men 3 Trailer 

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (Trailer) 
Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer 

Nacho Libre (Trailers, Jack Black Confessional): 
Nacho Libre Trailer 

The Da Vinci Code (3 Trailers): 
The Da Vinci Code Trailer 

Mission Impossible III (Trailers, clips, Behind the scenes): 
Mission Impossible III Trailer 

Scary Movie 4: 
Scary Movie 4 Trailer 

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Trailer): 
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Trailer 

Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties (Trailer) 
Garfield 2 Trailer 

United 93 (Trailer, Interviews): 
United 93 Trailer 

Kinky Boots (Trailer, Clip): 
Kinky Boots Trailer

An Inconvenient Truth (Trailer, Interview): 
An Inconvenient Truth Trailer 

Little Man (Trailer): 
Little Man Trailer 

An American Haunting (Trailer): 
An American Haunting Trailer 

Over the Hedge (Trailers): 
Over the Hedge Trailer 

American Gun (Trailer): 
American Gun Trailer 

The Zodiac (Trailer and Clips) 
The Zodiac Trailer 

Art School Confidential (Trailer, Interview) 
Art School Confidential Trailer 

Happy Feet (Trailers) 
Happy Feet Trailer 

Trust the Man (Trailer): 
Trust the Man Trailer 

Drawing Restraint 9 (Trailer): 
Drawing Restraint 9 Trailer 

When Do We Eat? (Trailer) 
When Do We Eat Trailer 

The Promise (Trailer) 
The Promise Trailer 

Preaching to the Choir (Trailer): 
Preaching to the Choir Trailer 

La Mujer de mi Hermano (Trailer) 
La Mujer de mi Hermano Trailer 

The House of Sand (Trailer) 
The House of Sand Trailer

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