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November 1‚ 2004

René Carson

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Film Resource Website Inspires and Entertains

Jersey City‚ NJ – Movies have been a source of entertainment and education ever since the first theaters were opened by Loew’s in the early 1900’s. Many of us have gone to see a film and wondered what it would be like to be a part of the filmmaking process. We leave the cinema thinking to ourselves ’I could have done that better‚’ or ’I bet it would fun to work in movies.’ What many people don’t realize is that the entertainment industry is one of the largest employers in the U.S. and has steadily expanded over the past ten years through innovation‚ gaming technology and broader support of quality independent projects.

For many inner city youth however‚ that curiosity many of us feel goes much deeper. Movies are a means of escaping an otherwise harsh reality. But most stop short of considering a career in media. Most people think making a film means actors‚ directors and writers. But there are hundreds of supporting roles in the creation of a film‚ television show or console game. There is also more crossover than ever.

A website called that has been providing entertainment news‚ movie reviews and film trivia‚ hopes to elevate that curiosity to the point of action. “The main goal of this project is to encourage young people who enjoy the cinema‚ but don’t have any direction or adequate information on the industry‚ to be able to make an informed decision whether they should consider a career in media‚ and to provide them with information on the types of positions that exist‚ above and beyond the obvious‚” says René Carson‚ owner of By Hand Media and creator of the website. “For me‚ going to the movies opened up the scope of my world as a young person. I was able to travel to distant lands‚ see evil get defeated and feel inspired about the potential life has to offer. But there was never a source of encouragement to pursue filmmaking as a career.”

Film Fetish has just launched a resource section with information about the many career choices in the industry‚ their functions and training requirements. The website will also be posting interviews with actors‚ producers‚ cameramen‚ DP’s and other professionals in the coming weeks. There are also links to organizations that provide youth with opportunities to learn about the filmmaking process and work on their own film projects around the United States and abroad. Professionals and film school students can also find links to corporations and non–profit groups that fund independent film projects.

The editors of the website hope that its audience‚ which already visit for information on what’s coming to theaters and DVD‚ will find the new content to be a helpful resource. “Part of the reason creative fields have been so difficult to break into is a lack of adequate information and more importantly‚ encouragement‚” says Carson. “The website uses entertaining ways to get you to investigate‚ then provides the more serious information in an appealing way‚” says the parents of one recent 15 year old visitor. is part of a larger initiative that will include sponsored events‚ training programs and a planned screening series featuring films created by and focused on youth from around the world‚ all geared towards showing commonalities in the issues young people face and encourage kids to use filmmaking as a creative outlet and potential career choice.

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