Ghostbusters: Artbook Hardcover Edition – A Collection of Ectoplasmic Illustrations Celebrating the 1980’s Cult Comedy Classic (2020)

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Presenting Ghostbusters: Artbook — an exclusive, fully illustrated celebration of the iconic film franchise, featuring hundreds of unique art pieces from creators all over the world.

Celebrating the legacy of the pop culture classic, Ghostbusters, this deluxe, hardcover art book features an ectoplasmic jackpot of brand-new, exclusive artwork inspired by the most iconic paranormal investigators in cinematic history. Bringing together brilliant artists from animation, comics, fine art, and beyond, Ghostbusters: Artbook showcases incredible artwork inspired by the iconic 1984 film. Filled with unique interpretations of fan-favorite characters such as the Ghostbusting team, Slimer, Gozer, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, this deluxe art book shows that decades later there’s still only one team to call — Ghostbusters!


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    9.25 x 1 x 12.75 in
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