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Blade Runner: Music From The Original Score Vangelis, Edgar Rothermich



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CDSKU: 170216-63109-1
UPC: 712187491006
Weight: 0.12 lbs
Condition: New

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Product Types: Products | Music & Spoken Word
Lines: Cult Cinema Icons | Cult Flavor | Throwback Space
Formats: CD
Genres: Action | Adventure | Crime | Cult Cinema | Science Fiction | Thrillers
Studio: BSX Music
Original U.S. Release: June 25, 1982
Item Release Date: March 10, 2015
Rating: R
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Released in 1982, the dystopian BLADE RUNNER was directed by Ridley Scott (THE DUELLISTS, ALIEN) and featured Harrison Ford in his second starring role after RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2012, BLADE RUNNER has become a cult film favorite the world over. Over the years, multiple edits of the film have been created for the home video, DVD and Blu-Ray markets. Similarly Vangelis score has been released in several different incarnations, but none of them are accurate representations of what was heard in the original 1982 film. Largely because of a dispute between Vangelis and Scott over the director’s use of his music in the film, a proper soundtrack of the music as it is heard in the film has never been commercially issued (despite the promise of a soundtrack album from Polydor Records given in the film’s end titles), described Randall D. Larson in the liner notes of the new BSX recording. BSX Records seeks to correct this oversight, with a new recording faithfully recreating the original music from the film, which proved to be a difficult task.

Vangelis score was composed entirely by performing on keyboards and recording it directly, so no written transcriptions exist. Composer Edgar Rothermich was charged with reverse engineering the score listening to the original music and a 1982 album mock-up and transcribing it by ear. He also had to recreate the sound of 1982 synthesizers and decipher if noise heard was due to recording on tape or stylistic choices by the composer. We feel Edgar’s made a very close replication of what the score sounded like in the film. BLADE RUNNER: MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL SCORE has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and includes exclusive liner notes written by Randall Larson, detailing the process of creating this new recording.


Cast: Bob Okazaki | Brion James | Carolyn DeMirjian | Daryl Hannah | Edward James Olmos | Harrison Ford | Hy Pyke | James Hong | Joanna Cassidy | Joe Turkel | John Edward Allen | Kevin Thompson | Kimiko Hiroshige | M. Emmet Walsh | Morgan Paull | Rutger Hauer | Sean Young | William Sanderson
Directors: Ridley Scott

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