Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho Soundtrack – The Intended Full Original Score by Bernard Hermann CD


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The complete score, as composer Bernard Herrmann had intended, for the Alfred Hitchcock classic 1960 thriller, by Bernard Herrmann and The National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Without Bernard Herrmann’s accompanying score, you could argue that Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 movie starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh, would not be celebrated as one of the greatest chillers of all time today. Psycho Suite presents the complete music for the film as the composer intended, and not as it appears in the movie. Conducted by Herrmann himself at London’s Barking Assembly Hall in 1975, the piece is performed by The National Philharmonic Orchestra. An intense and effective listen, the music perfectly captures the spine-tingling suspense which Hitchcock so gloriously conveyed on the screen. Appealing to a classical music audience and fans of the film, this CD showcases Herrmann’s exceptional skills as both a composer and conductor. On listening you might never want to take a shower again!


  • Prelude

  • The City - Marion - Marion And Sam

  • Temptation

  • Flight - The Patrol Car - The Car Lot - The Package - The Rainstorm

  • Hotel Room - The Window - The Parlour

  • The Madhouse

  • The Peephole

  • The Bathroom - The Murder - The Body

  • The Office - The Curtain - The Water - The Car - The Swamp

  • The Search - The Shadow - The Phone Booth

  • The Porch - The Stairs - The Knife

  • The Search - The First Floor - Cabin 10 - Cabin 1

  • The Hill - The Bedroom - The Toys - The Cellar - Discovery

  • Finale


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