Comics icon Frank Miller launches publishing company


Comic book legend Frank Miller, the mastermind behind Sin City, 300, and The Dark Knight Returns, has launched his own publishing house. Aptly named Frank Miller Presents, the company will create a line of comics built around the artist’s style and showcase both veteran and new creators, according to reports. Miller will act as president and editor-in-chief of the company. Former DC co-publisher Dan DiDio is on board the new company as the publisher. Silenn Thomas, the CEO of Frank Miller Ink, has been named COO of Frank Miller Presents.

“Investing in artists and the future of comics has always been my one true passion and creative calling,” Miller said in a statement. “Dan, Silenn and I couldn’t be more proud to be launching Frank Miller Presents, which will serve as fertile ground for storytellers and new creations. Our focus for this publishing company is to cultivate a fellowship of artists and writers to mentor, collaborate and push forward not only each other but the art form as well.”

Their goal is to produce two to four titles a year between Miller’s own work and other projects. Initial titled include a new Western style Sin City comic set in the past along with a return to Miller’s sci-fi samurai hit Ronin. New development titles include Pandora and Ancient Enemies.

Frank Miller Presents plans to get comics in shops later this year, but did not announce other creators that will be attached to the publisher’s projects.


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