Santa Cruz Film Festival 2009


The Santa Cruz Film Festival has dedicated itself to supporting the artists of today and the filmmakers of tomorrow, offering unique venues for filmmakers to present their individual brand of independent storytelling to a growing and enthusiastic audience.

In keeping with its reputation as a celebration of independent-minded filmmakers, SCFF recently announced a merger with The EarthVision Environmental International Film Festival which has for 10 years showcased films about crucial ecological issues that have inspired viewers to create positive change for the planet. Just in 2008, the SCFF lineup included Sundance Audience Award winner FIELDS OF FUEL, focusing on the global addiction to fossil fuels; BLUE GREEN, narrated by Santa Cruz’s own Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, exploring ocean issues; and BURN ON THE BAYOU, a film highlighting eco-volunteerism by the Burning Man community in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Date: May 7 to 16, 2009
Location: Santa Cruz, California – USA

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