Action/Cut Short Film Competition Festival 2009

Action/Cut is a unique film industry-based shorts competition in Hollywood designed to discover talented filmmakers and move careers forward through career-enhancing prizes and industry exposure.

The main sponsor of the competition is the Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminar Company, hosts of the nationally acclaimed 2-day “Filmmaking from A-Z” seminars, held in most major US cities and now in select international locations. In addition to the networking industry meeting prizes, other notable partners include Panavision, Entertainment Partner’s MovieMagic Softwares, JibJab Media, Big Film Shorts, TVwriter .com, Final Draft, Script Magazine, MovieMaker, Creative Screenwriting, Moonjelly Digital, Focal Press, IDA, Twistedtracks .com, Austin Fest, VisionFest, FirstGlance, production company Snowfall Films, and international distributors at The Little Film Company and Showcase Entertainment.

Date: August 25 to September 1, 2009
Location: Hollywood, California – USA