Hollywood Film Festival 2009

The Hollywood Film Festival’s mission is to bridge the gap between established Hollywood and the global creative community.

The Festival has had numerous success stories. Craig Brewer became famous when he wrote and directed HUSTLE AND FLOW and BLACK SNAKE MOAN, and another HFF winner, director Robert DeFranco sold TELLING YOU to Miramax. HFF docs have also been well recognized; Janine Hoskins sold MY KHMER HEART to HBO, while filmmaker Diane Estelle Vicari’s documentary SUGIHARA: CONSPIRACY OF KINDNESS was acquired at the Festival by distributor 7th Art Releasing, and many more HFF artists have gone on to secure important agents, managers, and projects. HFF’s close ties with industry craft guilds – including Cinematographers, Editors, Art Directors and Costume Designers – bring added attention and prestige to the event from the Hollywood creative community.

Date: October 21 to 26, 2009
Location: Hollywood, California – USA
Website: www.hollywoodawards.com

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