Behind-the-scenes featurette about AMC’s Prisoner remake – and FREE streaming episodes of the original U.K. series

Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner
Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner

A few sites have been posting this material, and I just had to share why I’m excited about it. AMC has been posting behind-the-scenes video interviews and clips about the making of its upcoming mini-series remake, based on the short-lived 1960s cult classic sci-fi TV series The Prisoner.

James Caviezel stars at No. 6 (the role originally played by Patrick McGoohan), this time an American who wakes up in a strange community called the Village, with no memory of how he got there. Sir Ian McKellen plays No. 2, an authority figure who watches over everyone in the Village, and who – at least in the original show – dished out torture and interrogation, usually directed at No. 6. No. 2 in the original show changed actors often, something not likely to happen here. Lennie James will appear as 147.

CLICK HERE to visit the website for the project.

CLICK HERE to read the blog associated with the upcoming series.

But here’s what I’ve been vegging out on for the last few hours. AMC has posted streaming versions of the ENTIRE original 1967 TV series online, and you can check them all out for free RIGHT HERE.

Below is the entire first episode that’s streaming on the AMC website.

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