Animation community site goes global

The Association of Japanese Animations, an industry organization consisting mainly of animation production companies, recently announced that its community website, called Open Post, now has an English-language section. Open Post acts as a forum that provides animation professionals with an opportunity to submit and publish their work online. The new English-language section allows submissions from artists living outside Japan.

With permissions given exclusively to Open Post, it offers as raw materials some of the characters developed by theme artists including legends such as Osamu Tezuka and Fujio Akatsuka. These characters can be combined into new stories or works in a wide range of genres, including Flash animations, illustrations, screenplays/scripts, etc., specific to the animation and comic industries. We also accept completely original work as well.

By clicking on the “For English Speakers” link, you will see everything, from a description of the upload requirements to an overview of how our system works, in English. English navigation will also guide you through submission forms.

Sign up at

Call for Artists

  • Original works, including animation, comics, illustrations or screenplays/scripts
  • Original works in the form of original animation, comics, illustrations, screenplays/scripts, commercial designs and/or character designs, based on materials of the theme artists (including characters, stories, logos, art design and more) made available at Open Post.

Submissions are open to all, regardless of gender, age, nationality or professional status, and will be reviewed prior to posting on Open Post.

Works can be uploaded directly from our website. Registration is required.

Submission Deadline
Open Post will be accepting submissions through March 31, 2009.

Open Post is a website that offers animators and artists a venue to publish their work. Those who aspires to create can take inspiration from the works of theme artists to create new content. We are dedicated to discover new talent and to explore opportunities of commercialization and business development with the help from content business professionals.

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