Attack of the celebrity superheroes

Diverse Media Group is purchasing a stake in Celebrities In Action, in order to create a joint venture to develop superhero character franchises based on real-life Hollywood celebrities. The new characters will be developed in cooperation with film, music and television and sports stars and original storylines will span multimedia and multiplatform projects. Plans include ….

Old school Vegas con artist film Yonkers Joe trailer online

Yonkers Joe is described as an exciting, high-stakes con film and moving family drama written and directed by Robert Celestino, and starring Academy Award-nominee Chazz Palminteri, Academy Award-winner Christine Lahti, Tom Guiry, Golden Globe-nominee Linus Roache, and Academy Award-nominee Michael Lerner. An ode to old time gamblers, now outdated in an age of powerful upscale ….

Wayne Kramer’s Crossing Over trailer online

Wayne Kramer directed the hard-boiled thriller Running Scared back in 2006. I was surprised the movie didn’t have a better run in U.S. theaters. It was extremely well-crafted, and the contrasty cinematography, reminded me of Mel Gibson’s revenge action flick Payback. There’s a great animatic at the end of the film, composed wholly of Kramer’s ….