AniBoom animation contest accepting entries

AniBoom, the world’s first virtual studios, recently announced its Third Annual aniBoom Awards for submissions from independent animators of all types around the globe. Submissions are welcome through December 1, 2008, during which time the animations will be viewed and ranked by the community on and by a select panel of entertainment industry luminaries. At stake is a Grand Prize for the overall winner that includes a $25,000 investment in commercial development and a distribution deal with aniBoom that will enable the winning animator to significant career-making exposure through a variety of outlets and channels.

In addition, three selected Community Favorites will be selected based on aniBoom’s online animation community ranking, as well as three Top Selections by the competition’s panel of Judges. All six selections will be awarded a share of $50,000 in cash and prizes, including ToonBoom software and CG Society books. All 50 of the top picks will receive prizes.

“We’ve watched the aniBoom Awards evolve, over the past two years, into a genuine industry showcase reflective of the company’s mission: to inspire and publish untapped talent worldwide, introduce new work to global mass audiences, and to partner with these preeminent creators to commercialize original animated content for multi-platform distribution,” said Mr. Uri Shinar, Founder of aniBoom. “We have every reason to expect this year’s competition will be robust and exciting – meeting and even surpassing what we’ve come to expect from our aspiring artists’ community.”

To enter the competition, visit

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