Rwanda Tragedy Continues to Unfold on Film

Originally Published: February 27, 2005

Director Michael Caton-Jones and the producers of Shooting Dogs said at the Berlin International Film Festival the film’s world premiere will be in Rwanda, the African country that provides its backdrop. Caton-Jones’ movie stars John Hurt and Hugh Dancy and details the story of a school massacre during the Rwandan genocide.

This project follows the Oscar Nominated Hotel Rwanda, which dealt with another story during this horrific event in the country that saw more than 800,000 Rwandans slaughtered in less than three months in 1994.

Caton-Jones previous projects include City by the Sea and the Jackal. He is also attached to the Basic Instinct sequel, Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction, in which Sharon Stone reprises her role of Catherine Tramell.

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