The NEW I Am Legend Trailer…creatures and all

Speaking of I Am Legend, if you wanna get a sneak peek at the creatures designed for the film, head over to There you’ll find Trailer 2, which will give you a look at some great action sequences from the film, and some nasty ass creatures, looking to turn Will Smith into one of them.

Check it out RIGHT HERE

Also related to I Am Legend, there is a really cool book trailer online for the forthcoming DC Vertigo graphic novel I Am Legend: Awakening, a prequel to the forthcoming Will Smith motion picture based on the classic Richard Matheson novel about the last man alive. According to previous reports, the project drew a diverse list of talent not only from comics, but from gaming and the film itself, including artist Bill Sienkiewicz, screenwriter Mark Protosevich, and author Orson Scott Card. The comic does not tell the story of the film, but instead explores its world.

Take a look at the book trailer RIGHT HERE

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