National Lampoon’s Cattle Call

PKG Entertainment has reached an agreement with Sunset Pictures and Proactive Media for the rights to domestic retail distribution of the soundtrack from the soon-to-be-released National Lampoon film, “Cattle Call.”

“Capturing the distribution rights on this National Lampoon soundtrack represents a major stepping stone for PKG, not only because it moves us into the film arena, but also and obviously, because it is attached to a major platform motion picture release,” says Sandy Krolick, CEO of PKG. “Again, this validates our mission, and presents us with a prime opportunity to create a solid foothold for future revenue-generating opportunities in a highly competitive industry.”

A National Lampoon platform release, the film is slated to hit between 250 and 1,500 theatres nationwide with a multi-million dollar Print & Advertising budget. The producer is Josi Konski (“Friends and Lovers,” “Big City Blues,” “Magic Island,” “Unlawful Passage,” “Trading Hearts,” “Cats And Dogs,” “Super Cops”). The Director and writer is Martin Guigui (“My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception,” “Changing Hearts,” “Swing”). The cast includes Thomas Ian Nicolas (“American Pie,” “American Pie 2,” “American Wedding,” “Rookie Of The Year”), Diedrich Bader (“Drew Carey Show,” “Napoleon Dynamite”) and Nicole Eggert (“Baywatch,” “Charles In Charge”).

The film is due out in early spring, 2006.

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