Brooklyn Underground Film Fest Celebrates 4th Season

The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival proudly continues its tradition of being New York’s premier festival for new and emerging filmmakers to showcase their films. Celebrating its fourth season, the festival will be held April 19 – 23 at the Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope. More than 3,000 patrons attended last year’s festival and this year ….

Basic Instinct 2 Info

To start with, the web site for Basic Instinct 2 has launched. More sex, lies, beaver and blood. Sounds perfect. The film stars Sharon Stone and David Morrissey, and hits theaters on March 31, 2005. We have a page dedicated to the film, where you can see the trailer, find out the plot line, see photos (hopefully of beaver, if she ….

Howard Stern’s X Film Fest

Howard Stern is looking for a few good filmmakers. Making like a X-rated Robert Redford, the shock jock is teaming with his new TV home, In Demand Networks, to launch the Howard Stern Film Festival, a showcase of short (five minutes or less) films that reflect Stern’s entertainment tastes and??, standards. The best three shorts ….

V for Film Clip

Moviefone has an exclusive clip from the Wachowski Brother’s V for Vendetta. In an alternate future, Britain has lost World War III, and a murderous totalitarian regime reigns. Only a masked terrorist known as V (played by The Matrix’ Hugo Weaving) and young Evey (Star War’s Natalie Portman) have the balls to start a revolution. ….

National Lampoon’s Cattle Call

PKG Entertainment has reached an agreement with Sunset Pictures and Proactive Media for the rights to domestic retail distribution of the soundtrack from the soon-to-be-released National Lampoon film, “Cattle Call.” “Capturing the distribution rights on this National Lampoon soundtrack represents a major stepping stone for PKG, not only because it moves us into the film arena, ….

Korea becoming filmmaker’s haven?

As the high quality of Korean film-related technology has become known, thanks to the so-called Korean syndrome that is sweeping across Asia, the Korea Tourism Organization plans to expand the Korean heat even further by conducting an aggressive campaign to attract foreign filmmakers and producers to Korea. The Board’s Bangkok office successfully convinced a major ….

21st Israeli Film Festival

The 21st Israeli Film Festival runs from February 23rd – March 9, 2006. The festival’s Opening Night Film is the sensitive drama OUT OF SIGHT, directed by Daniel Syrkin, winner, Best Director 2005 Israeli Film Academy Awards. After the suicide of her best friend, Ya’ara, a beautiful, intelligent, confident blind woman returns to Israel for ….

Prizes for ManiaTV Film Festival

ManiaTV! Film Festival Forum I wanted to let you know that ManiaTV!’s 2nd annual Film Festival is around the corner and we got some awesome prizes for you to win. Each category winner will receive 1 of the following: A collection of 15 DVDs, either a Lowepro Omni Trekker and Trekker Extreme or a Rolling ….

Final Destination 3 hits theaters runnin’

New Line Cinema’s Final Destination 3 opened with an impressive $19,173,000 million performance at the box office this weekend, marking the most successful opening in the franchise’s history. Final Destination 3, which opened in 2,880 theaters, improved on the openings of the first two installments of the franchise significantly – the first Final Destination opened ….