DreamWorks moves ahead with Motorcade, Cowboys and Aliens, comic adaptation Button Man and much more

Now that DreamWorks is officially an indie again, The Hollywood Reporter writes that the studio has prioritized a number of long-in-development projects. According to the reports, they haven’t greenlit everything, but are in the midst of making deals and finalizing scripts. Below is a partial list of projects that are on the front-burner. Button Man …

Clips from Ryan Phillippe’s spy film Breach

Get a sneak peek of Ryan Phillippe’s new spy thriller Breach, based on the true story of FBI agent Eric O’Neill (Phillippe), who enters into a power game with his boss, Robert Hanssen (Chris Cooper), an agent who was ultimately convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet Union. Check out the clips RIGHT HERE

Breach Trailer

Breach is based on the true story of FBI agent Robert Hanssen, who was convicted of spying for the Soviets. Young FBI upstart Eric O’Neill (played by Ryan Phillippe) is promoted to a job inside FBI headquarters working for Hanssen (Chris Cooper). Then O’Neill learns his true mission; finding proof that Hanssen has been selling American secrets to the Soviet Union for years. Breach hits …