Thriller Landmine Goes Click gets new trailer and home video release from Terror Films


Landmine-Goes-Click-DVD-Artwork-FullIn December of last year, Terror Films announced it had acquired the North American DVD rights to the award winning thriller Landmine Goes Click, from director Levan Bakhia. The film, which was previously released on most major VOD platforms by Gravitas Ventures, has been met with positive reviews since its debut.

Next week, Terror Films will begin its first phase of the DVD release with Family Video, currently the largest movie and game rental chain in the United States, boasting over 775 stores across 19 U.S. States and Canada. I’m making note of this release because it’s great to see indie filmmakers promoting their product through traditional means for a change. I’m hoping this type of traditional home entertainment release schedule and retail placement begins trending. There are many films that aren’t seen by film lovers because they never get DVD or Blu-ray releases and the masses simply have not adopted streaming as a primary means of digesting content outside of cinemas.

Landmine Goes Click stars former Sterling Knight (Sonny with a Chance, So Random, Melissa and Joey), Spencer Locke (K-Mart from the Resident Evil franchise), and Dean Geyer (FOX’s Glee) as three American tourists hiking in the remote countryside of Georgia in Europe. When Chris (Sterling) gets trapped on an armed landmine, Daniel (Geyer) leaves him and Alicia (Locke) to fend for themselves. The threat only worsens when a local psychopath (Kote Tolordava) takes advantage of their situation and begins to taunt and torture the stranded couple.

The film was an official selection at Shriekfest 2015, where it won the Best Thriller Feature Award. It also screened at the Telluride Horror Show, Fantasporto, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Diabolique International Film Festival, Fantafestival, Sacramento Horror Film Festival and the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival – where the company first discovered the film. Although the film had been previously released through online platforms, Terror Films revamped the poster and trailer for the film’s DVD release; it can be seen here.

Terror Films anticipates releasing the film via several other major retailers in the coming months, including Netflix, Amazon and Redbox.