The Hateful Eight will be Quentin Tarantino’s next film

Deadline reports that Quentin Tarantino has chosen “The Hateful Eight” as the title for his next film, a Western will not be a sequel to his Oscar-nominated epic Django Unchained (Best Screenplay). According to reports, The Hateful Eight has not been cast yet, but insiders say Tarantino’s script includes a part for Christoph Waltz, who ….

Blvd Warriors interviews

Grandmaster Ron Van Clief Martial Artist, Master Instructor, Actor and Filmmaker Black Dragon’s Revenge, The Last Dragon Oso Tayari Casel Martial Artist and Master Instructor Master Carl Scott Martial Artist, Master Instructor and Actor Soul Brothers of Kung Fu, Sun Dragon, Kung Fu Executioner Soke ‘Little’ John Davis Martial Artist and Master Instructor Master Linda ….

Blvd Warriors first synopsis

Inspiration can come from many places: from traditions developed thousands of miles away and thousands of years ago; from movies with dialogue we don’t understand; and it can come from within. But what’s important is where inspiration takes us. Whether it’s community centers, world-class competitions, music, or kung fu cinema, the martial arts have been ….