A video tribute to Angela Mao Ying backed by Grace Jones

A tribute to the “Queen of Kung Fu Movies” Angela Mao Ying, nicknamed “Lady Whirlwind” and “Lady Kung Fu” by fans, set to the music of Grace Jones (Love Is The Drug). I also found the clip below of Ms. Mao at the Cinemart theater in Tokyo, Japan back in 2007 an Angela Mao film festival. Sensei Anthony Colon and Warrington Hudlin have informed me that Angela Mao has a restaurant in Queens, New York. If someone has information on it, please contact me, would love to visit and pay tribute to her.

Select Filmography

Angry River (1971)
Lady Whirlwind (1971)
Hapkido (1972)
When Taekwondo Strikes (1973)
Fate Of Lee Khan (1973)
The Tournament (1974)
Broken Oath (1977)

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