BKF founder Sijo Steve Muhammad receives Hall of Fame Award at Battle of Atlanta 2012

Congratulations to BKF founder Sijo Steve Muhammad, who received the Centurion Club Hall of Fame Award recently at the Battle of Atlanta 2012. Muhammad also has a training seminar coming up on August 18th, 2012 in Lithonia, Georgia.

Movie fans may know Sijo Steve Muhammad from the dojo scene during Jim Kelly’s opening flashback in Enter the Dragon. During our interview with BKF (stands for Black Karate Federation) co-founder Bishop Donnie Williams in California, he mentioned that Enter the Dragon scene was filmed inside the actual BKF dojo in California of the time. Williams and other members of the BKF used to call Carl Scott ‘Little’ Steve Muhammad, because Scott was so fast. Many martial artists have commented on the speed of Muhammad’s hands. You’ll find out some of these martial artists in Blvd. Warriors!

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