Woo Ping’s True Legend and Master Jose Figueroa talks kung fu and breakdancing this Sunday at Museum of the Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens has been regularly hosting a series of martial arts and action films called Fist and Sword. This Sunday, September 18th, the program will screen Yuen Woo-ping’s epic film True Legend. After the screening, Rock Steady Crew founder Jo Jo Torres, along with Tai Chi Master Jose Figueroa, …

Concept art from a Disney classic

I just posted a gallery of rarely seen concept art on our sister website MYFantasyArt.com, from the Walt Disney Studios classic The Lion King, which is being given the 3D treatment in theaters starting this Friday, September 16th. Click HERE or on the art work below to see the entire gallery exclsuively over at MYFantasyArt.com.