Actor from John Carpenter’s The Thing to attend theatrical screening this weekend, with memorabilia in tow


Scene from John Carpenter's The Thing
Scene from John Carpenter's The Thing

There have been two last-minute additions to the Loew’s Jersey’s upcoming screening of John Carpenter’s The Thing, this Saturday, April 30th.

To begin with, Thomas G. Waites, who played “Windows,” is expected to be on hand at the Loew’s for the screening. He’ll talk a bit about the film and his experience making it, and will also be available to sign autographs (for a fee). The movie’s start time may be delayed by a few minutes as a consequence.

Additionally, much of the collection of props and production materials, posters, publicity stills and memorabilia that’s been displayed at Thing-Fest – the annual fan show held from 2001 thru 2008 and being planned again for 2012 – will be on view in the Loew’s Jersey’s Grand Lobby.

John Carpenter’s The Thing will be screening as part of the Loew’s Jersey’s Sci-Fi Weekend this Saturday, April 30th, at 8:10 pm.

Find out more about John Carpenter’s The Thing theatrical screening RIGHT HERE.

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