Radical releases exclusive images from Time Bomb No. 2

Issue number 2 of Radical Publishing’s Time Bomb goes on sale next week, on September 15th, and they’ve sent over another stunning review copy for me to peruse.

For those of you who didn’t read issue one of Time Bomb, the story began after a small group of scientists accidentally triggered the “Omega Bomb”, after discovering a secret Nazi bunker from World War II, which signaled the end of life as we know it. This caused the powers that be in Washington, D.C., to plan a risky time travel operation to prevent the disaster, sending a team of four specially trained agents back 24 hours, using a defunct project called “Time Bomb”. Things don’t go as planned, and the team ends up in a Nazi German concentration camp at the end of World War II, just when the Nazi regime is at its most desperate… and dangerous.

Time Bomb is written and was created by Jimmy Palmiotti (Deadpool, Daughters of the Dragon, Heroes for Hire, Jonah Hex, Power Girl, 21 Down) & Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl, 21 Down), and is lettered by John J. Hill.

Check out the entire gallery of preview art from Time Bomb issue 2 over at MyFantasyArt.com, featuring illustrations by Paul Gulacy, with a cover by Gulacy and colorist Rain Beredo.

You can click on the cover image below for a larger version.

Time Bomb comic issue 2 cover
Time Bomb comic issue 2 cover

Source: MyFantasyArt.com and Radical Publishing

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