Parking comes to home video this June

Parking, a Taiwanese dramatic comedy, will be released on the Evokative Collection of DVDs on June 8, 2010. Parking is the first fiction feature by Chung Mong-Hong. The film stars Chang Chen – who has appeared in the films Eros, Wong Kar-wai’s 2046 and Happy Together, as well as Red Cliff I and II by John Woo and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Ang Lee.

Parking also features Lu-Mei Kwai (Secret, The Most Distant Course), Leon Dai (Buttonman, Silk), Chapman To (Isabella, Infernal Affairs I and II), Jack Kao (Shinjuku Incident, The Sniper) and the popular model Peggy Tseng in her first screen role.

On Mother’s Day in Taipei, Chen-Mo makes a dinner date with his wife, hoping to improve their estranged relationship. While buying a cake on his way home, a car double-parks next to his, preventing his exit. For the entire night, Chen-Mo searches the owner of the car and encounters a succession of strange events and eccentric characters: an old couple who has lost their only son, living with their precocious granddaughter; a one-armed barbershop owner cooking fish-head soup; a mainland Chinese prostitute trying to escape her pimp’s cruel clutches; and a Hong-Kong tailor embroiled in debt and threatened by underground loan sharks. Combining the different flavours of drama, comedy, and noir film, PARKING interweaves stories to create a moving and darkly funny film, served up in a superb cinematography that will have you transfixed to the screen.

The film started its career with a selection in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival. It distinguished itself at the Golden Horse Festival of Taipei with a Best Art Direction Award and a FIPRESCI Critics Award; at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival with the Best New Talent Award and the Audience Award; and at the !ftanbul International Independent Film Festival of Istanbul with the Most Inspired Film Director Award. The film travelled the world in more than 20 International film festivals, such as the festivals of Bangkok, Pusan, Stockholm and Thessaloniki. It played in Canada at the Montreal World Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Outaouais Film Festival, followed by a limited theatrical release in key Canadian cities.

The DVD features original dialogue in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien with optional English and French subtitles in yellow. The disc is also packaging is an environmentally-friendly and elegant digipack made of 100% recycled materials and wrapped in a 100% biodegradable cellophane.

Parking DVD packaging
Parking DVD packaging