Interactive Sex and the City 2 trailer now online

Motion picture advertising agency Mark Woollen and Associates recently announced the launch of a new company called i-Trailers, to produce content rich, interactive “i-Trailers” using a proprietary, patent-pending platform.

The first i-Trailer for Warner Bros. Sex and the City 2, recently debuted online. The rich media interactive trailer, which features 59 hot spots, allows viewers to get an inside look at the movie and into the closets of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Clicking on a dress or other location reveals users to the designers and gives them behind the scenes facts about the film.

In addition to enabling film marketers to recharge a trailer already in release, i-Trailers e-commerce capability can provide filmmakers and studios revenue generating potential as well as drive ticket sales, enabling users to pre-order movie tickets instantly. The i-Trailer can also be customized for the iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices, and run with a basic internet connection, without specific software to download. i-Trailers enable the viewer to click on a point of interest anywhere on a trailer and get information about the movie from trivia, to music, behind the scenes clips, merchandise, and more.

Experience the Sex and the City 2 i-Trailer below.

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