First flaming on-camera pics from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World online

While director Edgar Wright has been steadily posting behind-the-scenes photos on his blog for at least the last year, the first official on-camera shots from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World have shown up online, one featuring the film’s namesake hero Michael Cera in action with a flaming sword. I saw these at Empire’s website, but ….

IMAX announces digital 3D motion picture camera in the works for release next year

Hot on the heels of the announcement of a 24 hour 3D television network being developed jointly by IMAX, Sony and The Discovery Channel, IMAX today announced that it is developing its first IMAX 3D digital camera. The initiative marks the Company’s continued move to explore new growth opportunities that capitalize on its leadership in ….

Discovery, Sony and IMAX teaming up to launch first 24 hour dedicated 3D TV network in U.S.

Three of the world’s leading media, technology and entertainment companies – Discovery Communications, Sony Corp. and IMAX, recently announced a joint venture to develop the first 24/7 dedicated 3D television network in the United States. The partnership brings together three leaders with an extraordinary collection of award-winning 3D content, technology expertise, television distribution and operational ….