Who’s the new toy in next summer’s Toy Story 3? Hiyao Miyazaki appears, plus more Pixar news!

Toy Story 3 will be released on June 18, 2010, will Michael Keaton as a new addition, playing the voice of Ken (as in Barbie’s Ken).

Prior to that release, Disney Pixar will re-elease Toy Story 1 and 2 as a double feature in 3D, in October 2009.

Then on Valentine’s Day 2010, the Oscar-nominated Beauty and the Beast will return to theaters, and will also be presented in 3D, making it the first-ever 2D animated film to be re-released in 3D.

The folks from Pixar also announced the return of 2D animation to Disney, with The Princess and the Frog, also due in theaters next year. Princess and the Frog will also mark the return of the Disney animated musical.

After some amazing footage from those projects, Japanese animation legend Hiyao Miyazaki was introduced and interviewed by Toy Story director John Lasseter. He spoke about the process of making his latest feature Ponyo, along with his career and working process.

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