Human Target and V look very promising!

I just watched back to back screenings of the pilot episodes of Human Target, which is based on the DC Comic, and V, a re-imagining of the cult classic sci-fi series. Both have definite potential, particularly V.

I’ll talk more about both later. But what I’ll say for now is, in V, Morris Chestnut plays a bad ass, martial arts-endowed alien, and Elizabeth Mitchell (Sawyer’s squeeze on Lost, last seen at the bottom of a mineshaft) plays an FBI counter-intel agent, who can kick some ass herself.

Jackie Earle Haley stole the show in Human Target, playing a wise-cracking computer hacker. Mark Valley, who plays the titular character, the ‘Human Target’, knows how to mix it up. There were some sweet fight scenes on a speeding train. Not Jason Bourne, but certainly Bourne-ish.

V premieres mid-season and Human Target in January 2010.

I’m off to a Ratchet and Clank event.

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