Hatch Audiovisual Arts Festival 2009

The 6th Annual Hatch Audiovisual Arts Festival – a.k.a. HATCHfest – brings together luminaries in the entertainment world and groundbreaking new creative talent in a unique mentorship program. HATCHfest provides mentorship, education, inspiration and recognition to the next generation of creative innovators. The festival has garnered impressive industry and media attention, having hosted early screenings …

The 5th annual Topanga Film Festival

The Topanga Film Festival is an open-air festival in the laid-back mountain community of Topanga, between Los Angeles and Malibu. The event showcases a broad range of short films, highlighting the work of filmmakers at different stages in their careers. The Festival’s program reflects the international and eclectic taste of its founders who go to …

45th annual Chicago International Film Festival

The 45th Chicago International Film Festival is one of North America’s longest-running competitive film festivals. Set against the backdrop of Chicago’s beautiful skyline, this Academy-qualifying Festival presents 160 premieres representing 47 countries, and draws in more than 55,000 attendees each year. The fest is organized to encourage better understanding between cultures and make a positive …

Dark Carnival Film Festival 2009

Dark Carnival is a week-long celebration of horror, featuring live entertainment, merchandise vendors, special guests and more. We screen the best indie horror films from all over the planet, in the best possible venues – including a vintage drive-in, and a historic 1930s era movie theater that features state-of-the-art sound and projection equipment, on a …

Dark X-mas 2009

We celebrate year 7 of Eerie Frequency’s Dark Xmas Horror Convention. This years guest of honor is Corey Haim, star of such horror movies as The Lost Boys, Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, and Dean Koontz’s Watchers. Date: September 18 – 20, 2009 Location: Warren, Ohio Website: www.darkxmas.net

Fantasia Fest 2009

Beyond being a rallying event, Fantasia provides an opportunity for the discovery and promotion of emerging talents. I commend the work of the organizers for making this international event possible and offering such highly-valued and eagerly-anticipated programming. Date: July 9 – 27, 2009 Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Website: www.fantasiafest.com

Con Nooga 2010

A Convention for Fans of Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Gaming, Anime, Paranormal, Costuming, Films, Artist, Celebrities, Comics, Haunting…so much more! The Multi-Fandom Convention. For the Fans by the Fans! With representatives and volunteers on hand to teach you how to play the games. Seminars, Contest, Workshops, Bands, Celebrities, Artist, Authors. Date: February 19 – 21, …

Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo 2009

Since 1987, Cinema Wasteland has offered one-stop shopping for any and every Drive-In and Grindhouse Movie Fan the world over. We currently offer almost four hundred and fifty DVD titles, over one thousand Movie Posters, and hundreds of great items like T-Shirts, Autographs, Toys, and assorted Collectibles on our web site and in our paper …

Nobel Son DVD review

Nobel Son is an eccentric crime drama written by husband and wife team, Jody Savin and Randall Miller. The film tells the zig-zagging tale of Barkley Michaelson – son of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Eli Michaelson – whose life is in a deep life rut. He’s struggling to finish his PhD thesis on cannibalism and trying …