New Line Records rolls out soundtrack for Seth Rogen’s Observe and Report

New Line Records will release the official soundtrack to Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ release “Observe and Report” on Tuesday, April 7. The diverse and exciting lineup features 12 songs from the film, which will be released nationwide on Friday, April 10. Writer/Director Jody Hill did not have a traditional music supervisor on the ….

Howard, Gooding and Cranston join George Lucas’ Red Tails project

Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Bryan Cranston have joined the cast of George Lucas’ WWII action-adventure Red Tails, which follows the exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen, according to Variety. Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Tristan Wilds, Method Man, Lee Tergesen, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley, Andre Royo and Jesse Williams are already attached to the ensemble project, ….

Batman: Dead End filmmakers return with Hunter Prey

Sandy Collora, famous for producing the indie short Batman: Dead End, recently wrapped an original sci-fi feature film called Hunter Prey. The new film centers on a group of elite intergalactic commandos that have crash-landed on a harsh planet while transporting an alien prisoner. Now they must track down and recapture the escaped creature, and ….

Full Metal Panic heading to big screen

Mandalay Pictures will develop a live-action, big-screen version of the Japanese manga series Full Metal Panic, which blends action and comedy with high school romance, according to The Hollywood Reporter (via Sci-Fi Wire). Writer Shoji Gatoh created the manga series, revolving around a teenage anti-terrorist commando named Sousuke Sagara, who is given a mission to ….

Fast & Furious film review

Ok, so, the ole gang is back. Thank the heavens above. As a fan of the series, it was good to see the O.G.s again. F&F: Tokyo Drift was REALLY reachin’ with Bow Wow in it. Vin Deezy (Dom), Paul Walker (Brian), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) and Jordana Brewster (Mia) all return for the fourth installment ….