Are The Wachowski Brothers directing Plastic Man next? Or Superman?

Rain plays Raizo in Ninja Assassin
Rain plays Raizo in Ninja Assassin

A contributor to Ain’t It Cool News sent the website some juicy news (and rumors) on the status of some high-profile projects over at Warner Bros.

Among the tidbits they sent, the poster says that:

  • Ninja Assassin is complete, and awaiting a suitable marketing strategy and release from the studio, which will most likely to be late summer 2009.
  • He described the action scenes are an absolutely brutal, unbelievable vision from the Wachowski Brothers. That should make up for that Speed Racer crap.
  • Apparently, Ninja Assassin director James McTeigue confirmed that Plastic Man was the next project for the Wachowski’s and he will provide Second Unit support.

The poster also revealed some seriously exciting news about the status of the Superman franchise, Logan’s Run, and more.

What I know for sure, is that Ninja Assassin doesn’t have a formal release date yet, and Warner Bros. has only released a few pictures from the film. But with the fast turnaround on marketing campaigns these days, that doesn’t mean too much.

CLICK HERE to read the full skinny over at AICN.

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