What Up Wit Sucker Free City!

Originally Published: December 3, 2004

I have been reading a lot about Spike Lee’s newest joint Sucker Free City. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival a few months ago. It got great reviews, but a few people seemed to be turned off by the violence (it’s a gang film, violence is a part of gang life folks). Anyway, now I really want to see this film. If anyone has any info on upcoming screenings, please contact us.

Here’s what I know about the film. It takes place in San Francisco’s slums, and revolves around a Chinese mafia gang, an African American gang and a suburban white family (The Wades) who have been forced out of their home and into low income projects at Hunters Point. I think it’s an interesting choice for Spike to dive into and I am real excited about the project. Spike Lee gets very close to the core of American gang culture here. The script is by Alex Tse and I hear the dialog is subtle but tough as nails. The cast includes Ben Crowley, Reynaldo Rosales and Avery Waddell.

After the Toronto screening, the Hollywood Reporter wrote that it was one of the best films of Lee’s career. It was origonally shot by Lee for Showtime Networks, but after all the buzz around the film, I really hope the network looks for theatrical distribution here.

If any of you have more information on this film, or a review you would like to share, please contact us here at Film Fetish.

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