Gus Van Sant’s Last Days

Originally Published: April 18, 2005

Last Days is Loosely based on the last days of rocker Kurt Cobain. The dark drama reminds me of My Own Private Idaho, which Gus Van Sant also directed.

Last Days follows Blake (played by Michael Pitt) through a handful of hours he spends in and near his wooded home, a fugitive from his own life. It is a period of random moments and fractured consciousness, fused by spontaneous bursts of rock & roll. Expanding on the elliptical style forged in his two previous films, Gerry and the Palme d’Or-winning Elephant, Van Sant layers images and sounds to articulate an emotional landscape, creating a dynamic work about a soul in transition.

I have posted a full preview of the film, including photos, trailers, a full synopsis and much more in the Film Library RIGHT HERE »

See the trailer and photo galleries from Last Days, inspired by the tragedy of Kurt Cobain

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