Kent Film Festival to Honor Actress Shirley Knight


The 3rd Annual Kent Film Festival will honor veteran actress Shirley Knight with a lifetime achievement award. The rapidly growing Connecticut-based film festival is located in Litchfield County, home to many film industry elite from both coasts.

Ms. Knight appears in THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS, which premiers at the festival on Friday, March 28, marking the official opening of the festival. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS is a supernatural fantasy written and directed by Connecticut resident A.D. Calvo and executive produced by Howard and Karen Baldwin of Baldwin Entertainment Group (producers of RAY, SAHARA, and upcoming ATLAS SHRUGGED). Ms. Knight, who lives in New York, has agreed to take audience questions following the screening.

Ms. Knight was recently honored at the 2007 Rome Film Festival, along with Jane Fonda, in the presence of friends and colleagues Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and Sidney Lumet. Her recent film work includes THE DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD, THE SALTON SEA, and AS GOOD AS IT GETS. Ms. Knight continues to have a fruitful and distinguished career, including two Oscar nominations. She has won multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe. A generous supporter of the dramatic arts, Ms. Knight has graced a variety of notable independent films.

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