Casting News for Will Smith’s I Am Legend

The Francis Lawrence-directed remake of The Omega Man, I Am Legend, is currently in production and filming in New York City and the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx. I have news that, in addition to starring Will Smith, the film will also feature the beautiful Salli Richardson Whitfield (who appeared in Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid and Antwone Fisher as Berta Davenport) and gorgeous ….

NEW Casino Royale Trailer Hits Net

What a rush. Every time I see a trailer for a solid-looking action film. The new trailer will probably hit theaters today, probably attached to The Covenant or Hollywoodland. But it’s already hit the net. It’s much more bang for your buck, than the first trailer, and also spills some plotline elements. Casino Royale hits theaters on November 17, 2006, ….

I Trust You To Kill Me Trailer

Kiefer Sutherland took some time away from his hit TV drama 24, to take his indie record label act, Rocco DeLuca & the Burden on their first international tour through London, Dublin, Reykjavic and Berlin. The resulting infie film rockumentary, I Trust You To Kill Me, directed by Manu Boyer, chronicles a highly personal journey of a rock band and their less than qualified ….

Malcolm McDowell to Host Event for Jules Verne Adventure Film Fest

“THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH…IS EARTH ITSELF” is the stunningly simple and profoundly accurate premise of the spectacular Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival and Expositions (JVAFF). France’s most feted film festival for the past 15 years, and an internationally celebrated event for those passionate about cinema, adventure, exploration, discovery and natural preservation, JVAFF will herald its upcoming ….

The Weinsteins Go Underground

The Weinstein Company has signed a first look deal with Underground Films and has bought Rising Son, a comedy pitch by Martin Sweeney that was based off an idea by William Lowery, vice president of production for Underground. Underground Films’ Nick Osborne and Trevor Engelson will serve as producers with Lowery serving as executive producer on the project. The announcement was made today by Michael Cole, co-president ….