Bubba Ho-tep Sequel Moving Forward

Don Coscarelli, co-writer and director of the 2002 indie hit Bubba Ho-tep, may be on track with his plans to do a prequel called Bubba Nosferatu,according to SCI FI Wire. The film had a series of major setbacks, including the selling of MGM to Sony, and then co-star Ossie Davis, who played John F. Kennedy, died last year. The sequel idea started out as a joke in the final frames of Bubba Ho-tep, but then started to move forward as a prequel idea.

“I’m putting a big effort into doing Bubba Nosferatu now,” Coscarelli told SCI Fi wire. The original dark comedy was about an elderly Elvis (played by Bruce Campbell) and an African-American John F. Kennedy (Davis) in a nursing home who must fight an ancient Egyptian mummy curse. Coscarelli also said he was devastated by Ossie Davis’ death and was upset that he couldn’t have the actor be a part of the new film.

Coscarelli is again working on the script in collaboration with writer Joe Lansdale, who came up with the original short story for Bubba Ho-tep. The prequel will show Elvis in his 30’s, dabbling in the world of black magic and voodoo. “Bruce can’t wait to put his Elvis jumpsuit back on again,” Coscarelli said. “We hope to shoot this year.”

The director also hinted at the potential for the franchise to continue on, after throwing out a title for a third film; Bubba Sasquatch.

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