Jane Fonda orgies?

Jane Fonda is putting out a tell-all autobiography.

Screen legend Jane Fonda has some shockers in store with her forthcoming autobiography, “My Life So Far.”

Miss Fonda, 67, says her late husband Roger Vadim bullied her into seducing women to join them in orgies. Mr. Vadim, who directed her in “Barbarella,” forced her to phone escort companies and approach women in bars so they could take part in his “cruel and misogynistic” sex sessions. “It seems shocking that I did that, but I convinced myself that it was fine, even though it was killing my heart,” she writes in the book, due out in April.

Miss Fonda ended her six-year marriage to Mr. Vadim in 1973 and has never previously admitted to participating in group sex.

She also blames her ex-husband for the eating disorders that would plague her later: “I ceased eating except for crusts from his bread and rinds from his camembert,” she writes.

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