Honey West, Bombshell Original TV Tie-in Paperback (1964)



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Original U.S. Release: September 17, 1965
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Bombshell by G.G. Fickling is a TV tie-in paperback novel centering on the character Honey West. This is the original release paperback from 1964. It was released one year prior to the detective television series debut.

Honey West begins after the death of sexy Honey West’s (Anne Francis) father, leaving her to take over his high-tech private detective agency, assisted by rugged Sam Bolt (John Ericson) and her pet ocelot Bruce.

The item is in good condition with bends, creases and wear on the cover. The pages are in very good shape, with some yellowing from age.


  • Size: 4.25x7 in

Cast: Anne Francis | Irene Hervey | John Ericson
Authors: G.G. Fickling
Subject: Honey West
Project Name: Honey West (1965)

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