#FilmFetishFacts | Drive-In Retro Classics: Science Fiction Triple Feature | DVD Release Date, Streaming/VOD Premiere | Synopsis | March 15, 2022


This March, Corinth Films opens the vaults wide for DRIVE-IN RETRO CLASSICS, a new home entertainment line featuring genre gems of yesteryear!

Spaced invaders and giant alien brains are on tap with the inaugural March 15 release: DRIVE-IN RETRO CLASSICS: SCIENCE FICTION TRIPLE FEATURE. With a trio of unforgettable b-movies from their original theatrical elements, thematically hand-picked and packaged in a specially priced collection featuring eye-popping box art, DRIVE-IN RETRO CLASSICS invites movie lovers to grab a tub of popcorn and a vat of soda and strap in for a trip to the outer reaches – and beyond!


  • ROCKETSHIP X-M (1950) – A crew of revered scientists blast into space on mankind’s first expedition to the moon. A sudden loss of power and freak accident sends their rocket hurtling out of control, and the crew suddenly finds themselves upon Mars. They decide to take advantage of the opportunity to make a landing and explore the red planet, only to discover evidence of a demolished civilization. Convinced there are no survivors, they let their guard down just enough to learn otherwise. Lloyd Bridges, Osa Massen & John Emery star in this sci-fi classic directed by Kurt Neumann.
  • THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS (1957) – An alien life-form arrives on Earth and crash lands in the California desert and takes refuge on Mystery Mountain. Renowned nuclear scientist Steve March, who works nearby, notices a strange proliferation of radiation coming from the mountain and decides to investigate. Little does he know the creature is a terrifying life-form from planet Arous determined to take over the Earth using subversive mind-control and has deliberately chosen Steve as its host! Nathan Hertz directs this mind-altering epic, starring John Agar, Joyce Meadows & Robert Fuller.
  • THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON (1958) – After being exposed to a near-fatal dose of radiation, atomic research scientist Gilbert McKenna is lucky to be alive. After recovering, he soon finds his body has a terrible reaction to the sun, transforming him into a reptilian creature when sunlight hits his skin, and then back into a human when out of the sun’s reach. Desperate to find a cure, his assistant enlists the help of a leading authority of radiation poisoning and its effects who claims the scientist can be cured. However, they gravely underestimate the psychological toll that the horrifying condition is taking on the scientist. Robert Clarke directs and stars in this creature feature, also starring Patricia Manning & Nan Peterson.