The Great Gatsby Immersive Show (2023)

Experiences, Plays and Musicals | Aug 13 - Dec 3, 2023

Gatsby Mansion at The Park Central Hotel

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Welcome to The Great Gatsby Immersive Show, the hottest party in New York City. A world of red-hot rhythms, bootleg liquor, and pure jazz-age self-indulgence awaits. Spend the evening dancing and clinking glasses with Nick Carraway, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, Myrtle Wilson, and Jay Gatsby himself. As the champagne flows, all the drama unfolds. Dress to the nines and immerse yourself in this heart-racing adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal tale. Step into the roaring twenties for The Great Gatsby Immersive Show in New York.

It’s 1925 and Jay Gatsby has invited you to one of his infamous parties – where the champagne flows and the drama unfolds. Embark on a thrilling journey to the roaring 20s alongside the enigmatic Gatsby and other iconic characters. Immerse yourself fully in the narrative, discover hidden rooms and familiar characters as actors bring the story to life, inviting you to interact and engage with them in this uniquely NY experience. The level of immersion is entirely in your hands, allowing you to become an active participant in this dazzling 1920s world – The Great Gatsby Immersive Show – an unprecedented theatrical event like no other!