Maria Whittaker (1969) | Birthdays | Oct 7, 1969

Maria Whittaker is an actress and former pin-up model, famous for being a Sun Page 3 Girl, as well as her appearance as a “Hill’s Angel” on The Benny Hill Show (1983), her parts in the movies Whoops Apocalypse (1986) & Tank Malling (1989) and briefly appearing the music video for the Genesis song Anything ….

Susan Denberg (1944) | Birthdays | Aug 2, 1944

Born in what is now considered part of Poland, actress Susan Denberg is famous for her roles in the movies Frankenstein Created Woman & An American Dream and her appearance as Magda in Star Trek, the original television series. After becoming immersed in the 1960s wild life of drugs and sex, Denberg left show business ….