Shannon Lee, John Saxon and Bob Wall talk about Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee, along with actors John Saxon and Bob Wall, remember martial arts legend Bruce Lee and cult classic martial arts thriller Enter the Dragon, at the Academy’s 40th anniversary screening on April 17, 2013 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles. The day after the screening, my friend, artist Aaron Kai, gave me a call and described the incredible event, which included a six-sheet poster for Enter the Dragon and posters for other films featuring Bruce Lee, in the Academy Grand Lobby exhibition, Kick Ass!: Posters from the Stephen Chin Collection.

In 2011, producer and screenwriter Stephen Chin donated his collection of more than 800 kung fu film posters and related materials to the Academy. In this exhibition, selections from Chin’s exceptional poster collection illustrate the kung fu phenomenon.

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