Alamo Drafthouse’s Mondo launches Lord of the Rings poster series

Collectible art boutique Mondo – part of The Alamo Drafthouse group – has nabbed the license to Lord of the Rings, and has already begun producing a series of hand-drawn poster prints (like the one below). Mondo holds Mondo Mystery Movie screenings in Austin, Texas, screening unannounced movies and the price of the ticket includes a very limited edition poster, according to the report by Badass Digest. The latest one was today and the movie apparently was the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

The art was created by Aaron Horkey and comes in two types – the regular, in an edition of 260 and a silver variant with one splash of blood on the Fell Beast’s head. The poster is 19.5 x 39, and any remaining copies will be placed for sale online on an undisclosed date.

This is the first of a new line of posters, and there will be some cool stuff coming as The Hobbit draws near as well.

Check out Aaron Horkey’s Lord of the Rings art print for Mondo, below.

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