Images and a trailer from 28 Hotel Rooms

Silverwood Films has released images and the trailer for 28 Hotel Rooms, an Official Selection at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film is the debut feature for writer/director Matt Ross, and stars Marin Ireland & Chris Messina.

Here’s the synopsis for 28 Hotel Rooms:

While traveling for work in a city far from their homes, a novelist and a corporate accountant find themselves in bed together. Although she’s married, and he’s seeing someone, their intense attraction turns a one-night stand into an unexpected relationship and a respite from the obligations of daily life. Through a series of moments—some profound, some silly, some intensely intimate—we see a portrait of an evolving relationship that could become the most significant one of their lives.

The film 28 Hotel Rooms is director/screenwriter Matt Ross’s first feature, and it is a candid, exquisitely constructed mosaic. The film adeptly illustrates how seemingly inconsequential moments and actions can often mean more than we suspect.

Check out the trailer, images and a poster from 28 Hotel Rooms, below.

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