Green Lantern: First Flight and Trick ‘R’ Treat screenings last night back-to-back

Topped off an amazing Thursday, with back-to-back screenings of the animated Green Lantern: First Flight and Michael Dougherty’s cult Halloween horror Trick ‘R’ Treat.

While Green Lantern certainly matched the level of animation quality of the previous DC animated feature films, it didn’t have the depth of story of past efforts, particularly Wonder Woman, the best of the series in my humble opinion. I would have loved to see more back story leading up to Hal Jordan becoming Green Lantern. Sinestro stole this show, as the right-wing superhero, bent on a new world order at any cost.

Trick ‘R’ Treat was more than a pleasant surprise. It was a throwback to the Tales From the Crypt days of horror anthologies. I purchased a beautifully illustrated art book months ago, that featured storyboards and concept drawings inspired by the film. It was very interesting to see how his ideas translated to the screen.

I’m on line right now for the Warner Bros. movie panel, where I’ll see footage from Sherlock Holmes, Book of Eli and other films, along with getting a chance to ask questions of lead cast members from the films. I’m hopeful Book of Eli directors the Hughes brothers, bring Denzel Washington to discuss the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller.

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