Win cash prizes in The Cellphone Art Contest

The Cellphone Art Contest challenges your imagination by giving you the following ingredients to make a one-minute movie:

  1. A video-enabled cell phone (or you can use your own)
  2. A surprise topic given out by Christopher Coppola before the contest begins
  3. Just a few short hours to create and submit your Cellphone Art entry

The object of the contest is to make a one minute video about a specific topic, containing only one continuous shot on a video cellphone, without editing. The topic is “Different colored corn pops the same”.

Everyone is welcome to show up at PAH-Fest and participate in this fun and exciting contest. Submissions will be featured in the PAH Nation Theater to be rated by celebrity judges and the online public, and a cash prize is awarded to the winning piece.

Find out more info about entering the contest at

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