Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival 2009


The Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival was founded to showcase diverse film and video projects that educate and enlighten its audiences on issues of profound political, social, psychological, economic and religious meaning; to portray positive relationships and morals through both individual and family values, and offer hope, encouragement and inspiration towards the betterment of society.

Fest alum Geoff Davis (THE TEAM PLAYER) attests that BCIFF’s “esprit de corps was noticeably apparent with not only the festival workers but also with the filmmakers. I’ve been to various festivals worldwide and it is my contention that the atmosphere was always ‘everyone for themselves,’ which was sincerely not the case at BCIFF. All of the festival attendees were conjuring up ways to support one another a reflection of the spirit of this festival. All of the filmmakers, films, TV shows, documentaries, workshops, seminars, and videos were great. I immensely enjoyed myself, so much so that I plan to attend next year, regardless of whether I exhibit one of my projects there or not.”

Date: August 14 to 16, 2009
Location: Houston, TX – USA

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