Watchmen screenwriter discusses Illustrated Man and Frankie Machine

Alex Tse – who wrote the screenplay for Watchmen – spoke exclusively with about the upcoming adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi classic The Illustrated Man, which Zack Snyder is also attached to helm, and the Michael Mann crime thriller Frankie Machine, based on the Don Winslow novel about a retired hitman lured back into ….

Clive Barker opens up about Book of Blood trilogy and the Hellraiser, Candyman and Night Breed remakes

Clive Barker’s latest films, Dread and Book of Blood will be previewed at the next West Coast Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention, April 17-19 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, according to Sci-Fi Wire. Last year I attended the New York area Weekend of Horrors, and Fangoria Magazine editor Tony Timpone read a letter from ….

Interactive gang territory map and videos posted on District 13: Ultimatum (Banlieue 13 – Ultimatum) website

If you haven’t seen the Luc Besson-produced original District 13, it comes highly recommended. It’s a fast paced, gritty martial arts film, with an Escape from New York story-line, featuring an incredibly visual martial arts style called Parkour. I had the opportunity to get a first hand demonstration of Parkour, by its French stars David ….

Win one of two copies of the classic thriller Primal Fear featuring Ed Norton’s Oscar-nominated debut performance

On Tuesday March 10, 2009, Paramount Home Entertainment will release Primal Fear: The Hard Evidence Edition on DVD and Blu-ray. This classic legal thriller is filled with amazing talent including Edward Norton (Fight Club, The Incredible Hulk), Richard Gere (Chicago), Laura Linney (The Savages) and many more. The deluxe release is packed with special features ….

Tom Cruise is working on a boatload of spy thrillers – Champions, Matarese Circle, Tourist and more

Tom Cruise is circling a series of exciting espionage thrillers and spy adaptations right now. Variety posted a report on Cruise’ many projects in the works and what stands out is that he is developing, actively producing or being courted, for some top-notch projects, that reports say, should put him back on top of the ….